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Research and diagnosis of organizational system’s potential

This is the basic level that accompanies all the next steps. The analysis of current condition of the team and organization enables the introduction of changes, which are appropriate for company’s and system’s needs.

Based on Self Development System (SDS) method, we provide full analysis of the needs, predispositions and competences of the teams (of individuals and overall).

On the basis of research, which we made, the customer receives the information about current competences and future aspiration for development of every member. In addition, we also report about the team as a completeness in the context of raised goals and requests (definition of competence’s areas which should be managed, but they have not been managed yet).

Individuals research gives us information about:

1. 12 needs and predispositions, which determined the innate talents and purchased competences by examined person.

2. Dominants types of professional activity regarding the temperament, character and personality.

3. The most optimal working environment for examined person.

4. Strengths and weaknesses resulted from acquired competence profile.

5. Direction of development and purchasing competences, which result from needs and aspirations of examined person.

Research of teams and organizational systems gives us information about:

1. The needs, predispositions and competences of team and its individuals.

2. Having dominants type of activity in the team (system). They determine competence potential of team members and effectiveness of their goals and requires.

3. The possibility of deficits or shortages in teams of people representing specific Types of Activity and professional competence.

4. Development’s possibilities (resulted of aspiration’s needs)

5. Types and kinds of task, which should be assigned for each participant in the system to make him able to be functional and productive.