Building optimal teams

- Building new teams and reconstructing the existing ones.

An ideal team is the one, whose sum of talents and competences of its individual members is directed as much as possible to the realization of specific goals and tasks. It does not matter if we are talking about whole complex organization, about small project’s team or just about start-up or scale up. To provide the team, which we treated as a system, to be able to harmoniously and effectively implement the planned tasks and goals, we are trying to construct it effectively. The diversity of competences possessed in system and their conscious directing to appropriate tasks significantly increases the probability of achieving goals (team, company or organization). ). So why are we so often confronted with failures of realizing projects or falling start-ups. There may be many reasons, but focusing on the statement, that the team is the key of success of project or investment, we should also look there for the reason of failure.

Companies or investors, who care about the assessments of teams they invest, the most often focus on substantive aspects that guarantee the success of the project. They also often analyze participants knowledge and experience. However, almost nobody do not care about motivational and developing aspects of the members of team. Everyone has specific, natural predispositions, talents an purchased skills, which can be actively used in the job. However, the fact of having certain capabilities does not have to mean the need of using them. Only the need determine people’s motivation to enter into specific roles, functions and projects. For example: the fact that someone has the ability to think analytically does not mean that he would be computer scientist or market analyst. To make it happen, other staffs of both personal and professional needs have to work.