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Analysis of start-up and scale up teams

This service is dedicated to investors and companies, which are truly set on verification of needs and competence of teams they invest.

The diversity of competences possessed in system and their conscious directing to appropriate tasks significantly increases the probability of achieving goals (team, company or organization). So why are we so often confronted with failures of realizing projects or falling start-ups. There may be many reasons, but focusing on the statement, that the team is the key of success of project or investment, we should also look there for the reason of failure. Companies or investors, who care about the assessments of teams they invest, the most often focus on substantive aspects that guarantee the success of the project. They also often analyze participants knowledge and experience. However, almost nobody do not care about motivational and developing aspects of the members of team, which depend on conscious and unconscious needs and motivations.

ITM’s support to investors financing start-up and scale up projects consist on accurate analysis of the ability of members to perform specific roles and functions within the team. The most often it focuses on verification of initiator’s predispositions in terms of competences to implement it in business, and what is more important – to its long-term continuation. Why? Because the most of start-up, although they are based on good idea, do not have power (competence) to implement and develop systematically all the time. To sum up, it is necessary to verify if the authors of start-ups are only visionaries or initiators, or practical designers and implementers.