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‘’There’s no ideal people,
but there are ideal teams.
We help to build such kind of teams.’’

Hanna Wawrzyniak

This, what make us unique around numerous personal and career consulting companies, is the approach, treating people and the whole organization as a team of parts working together and creating system. We also look and work systemic. It means that we analyze the organization and its working teams holistically, through the prism if competence, needs and motivation of all its members.

SDS is the only method in the market, which diagnoses not only predispositions and competences, but first of all – NEEDS. They significantly determine our motivations and professional activities: both of separate units, as well as entire teams, companies, organizations. Investigating, of the needs and related to them professional competences of teams and organizational systems, is the area that makes our approach unique, which any of the consulting company does not have. The tools we used in SDS model combine over 40 years of experience and methodological history, as well as modernity in a form that is easy and attractive to use in the Internet platform.

Our team:

Talent’s Monitoring Institute is a team of psychologist, advisors, trainers and practitioners of management and business, precisely selected by Self Development System. We are aware that the success of our team and any other team is based on human potential: the perfect match and application of our competence, knowledge and experience. We also believe that the success and failure of every team and organization depends on their needs, predispositions and talents. That is the fact why we attach so much importance to the construction of optimal assemblies.